The success of Dale Carnegie & Associates lies in its timeless ability to redefine its basic message for the pressing issues of each succeeding business generation. The book speaks directly to the business world of the 1990s, with advice on surviving downsizing, mergers and fierce bottom line demands, negotiating the corporate differences and cross-cultural disparities of today’s globalized economy. The book aims to develop and reinforce strong motivation and self-confidence among as ever-changing array of executves in the new flat organization. Review

Despite the wealth of technical advances in the 1990s workplace, managing, motivating, and communicating remains a challenge. The Leader in You adapts the simple, time-tested management theories of Dale Carnegie to this high-tech environment with refreshing results. Read in an engaging but direct tone, the tape’s pace is varied with excerpts from recent management studies and anecdotes from contemporary business leaders. It’s a sound introduction to leadership skills for anyone working in the public, private, or nonprofit sector. (Running time: 1.5 hours, one cassette) –Sharon Griggins

About the Author

Stuart R. Levine is Chief Executive Officer for Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. and is a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the company. At age twenty-five, he was the youngest elected member of the New York State Assembly. He is past Chairman of the Board of Dowling College, and serves on the Executive Committee for the New York State Governor’s Excelsior Award Task Force. He lives in Brookville, Lone Island with his wife and children.

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